Igenix 5L Air Cooler is one of a series of fans that has a number of superior features and technologies to support its performance. The presence of its tall and slim appearance makes it easy to place it anywhere. When lifting or moving it, you can take advantage of a caster if needed.

Igenix 5L Air Cooler Tall and SlenderFans for Minimalist Spaces

Igenix 5L Air Cooler Best Air Conditioner

It features a number of control systems that through the help of a remote, you can control every setting with ease. The rotation capability of the fan is also outstanding, providing a steady flow of air.

There is a water system for additional cooling to produce a cooler airflow. In addition, this product comes with a great range and cool air to cool you down on hot days.

It’s perfect for those looking for a cooling fan for a minimalist space. It also comes with a pair of wheels for portability and user convenience while using it. Despite its thin body, this cooler has the power to keep a large room cool.

Systems and Technology

The water tank has a capacity of 6 liters which cools the air through evaporation. Fan rotation with a wider range makes the air spread more evenly in every corner of the room.

The sound output produced is quite soft but constant, making it not too noisy and annoying. To operate it, you can control it via remote control or directly on the fan body.

Fan Dimensions and Controls

The Igenix 5L Air Cooler has a thin and tall body that makes it suitable for some small or minimalist rooms. Having dimensions of 675 x 275 x 260mm, this product is fairly small compared to most other fan products.

For the exterior, this fan uses a cube-shaped glossy plastic material. At the top, you will find various settings or controls to operate it. Starting from the sleep timer, fan rotation mode, and so on.

Unfortunately, the sleep mode does not affect the blue LED backlight on the controls. So the light will continue to stay on during use even when sleep mode is enabled.

You can also change the fan speed by selecting the setting on the control. There is an oscillation control that sweeps the inner fins from left to right to spread the air throughout the room.

Finally, there is also a humidifier button that plays a role in providing the cooling function with water. All commands and functions are located on the remote control for easy control of the fan even from a distance.

The Igenix 5L Air Cooler is a minimalist yet superior fan product due to the number of systems and technologies it comes with. Its use is very suitable for minimalist rooms because it does not take up much space in its placement.