The Beldray EH3139V2 is a small cube-shaped cooling product with a powerful cooling system and an affordable selling price. Its existence is important to keep your room temperature cooler and cooler.

Beldray EH3139V2 Small Cube Shaped Personal Cooling Fan

Beldray EH3139V2 Product Specifications

The system uses two tanks with a capacity of 300ml each that can be removed to facilitate the process of cleaning or refilling water. There is a cooler mode that you can select if you need extra cooling. In this mode, the water in the tank will freeze and produce cooler air output than in the regular mode.

The three fans have speeds that you can choose according to your desired level of coolness. They range from a gentle breeze to a strong breeze, as well as the lowest setting.

The sound emission from the operation of this fan is quite quiet so it will not disturb your hearing. To clean the filter, you can do so with running water.

A panel on the side that lights up and glows with seven color options for complementary lighting. You can adjust the colors according to your mood while using it.

Additional Features and Usage

Additional features include an LED lighting system that you can adjust manually. The power consumption is also not too much, only about 5W and you can already feel the coolness of the air from it.

The dimensions of the Beldray EH3139V2 size, are only about 165 x 157 x 162mm with a weight that reaches 1.06k. Measuring only 16.5cm at its widest point, this table fan consists of a small fan, a filter, and two water tanks.

You can use this fan in several modes according to the amount of cooling power required. Although it has three different speed options, you need to know that this device is designed to be a personal air conditioner. So its use will not be capable of cooling the entire room.

You can dampen or freeze the filter in the machine to increase the cooling power.

You can freeze the two water tanks by filling half the capacity of the water in the tank and then freezing it. Refill the remaining capacity with water when you want to use it.

These two tanks will slowly release ice water into the reservoir at the bottom. The ice water is then absorbed by the filter to provide extra cooling power.

The rotation of the fan in the machine is quite constant to produce cool air according to the command given. Actually, the fan rotation is not too annoying, you can muffle it by turning on music or television.

Beldray EH3139V2 is very suitable as a personal air conditioner, so it is very suitable to accompany study or work activities at home. Its minimalist dimensions will certainly not take up much space in the room.