Arctic air cooler fan mini is one of the best cooling fan recommendations. This product has many advantages. For those of you who are currently looking for recommendations for air conditioning, you don’t need to hesitate to buy this product. Is this product really profitable? Of course yes, moreover the price is pocket-friendly.

The use of air conditioning is now also one of the important things. It’s no secret that living in a city is very hot. This is not only obtained from the sun’s rays.

The density of the population is also air pollution and other factors that cause a room to become hot. So there are many factors that make everyone want to use air conditioning.

Arctic Air Cooler Fan Mini Light Weight and Easy to Use

Specifications of Arctic Air Cooler Fan Mini

Talking about air conditioning or cooling fans. Living in this era of all technology, it’s not difficult to get the best quality at low prices and superior specifications.

There are many cooling fan vendors with various choices. You can choose according to your needs. Before buying this product, the budget you have is sufficient. Don’t choose an air conditioner product. But the money you bring is not enough and you don’t have a spare.a

Besides that, buying a cooling fan doesn’t always have to go to an offline store. Because now there are many online stores that make it easier for us to get various things, including air conditioners.

Many people may still hesitate to buy electronic devices through online stores. However, please note that the specifications sold in online stores and offline stores are the same. This means that the benefits you will get are the same. Even though you buy at an online store, the security will also be maintained.

You can also buy this Arctic air cooler fan mini through online stores. However, to increase your confidence and confidence, see below for a full explanation of the specifications and advantages.

Arctic Air Cooler Reviews

This cooling fan from Arctic has a very easy water-filling feature as well as a USB socket connection. You can enjoy the clean cool air. The fan machine used is also quiet and there is a very relaxing night light. Suitable for use at night to create a night of more restful sleep.


Not only that, the advantages of this air cooler. But this product is also very light and easy to carry when traveling. Its use is also very safe and efficient. The easy use you only need to refill the water then connect the USB socket and the fan will start blowing cold wind. It can also be used in various closed spaces such as kitchens or offices.

The wind direction adjustment feature makes this air conditioner similar to a mini air conditioner. It is also equipped with a choice of speed and 7 color LEDs. The size is 14.5*16*17cm.

For the water tank capacity of 400 to 450 ml. It operates quietly with an integrated LED night light and a reusable antimicrobial filter. But when using this Arctic air cooler fan mini, don’t forget to bring a charger.