The Mitsuta Japan air cooler original is one of the most sought-after air conditioning products. This product brings many advantages to its users.

If you live in urban areas, of course, the role of this cooling fan is very important. Who likes to be in a hot and hot room? Of course everyone is uncomfortable because the hot feeling can cause bad body odor.

Buying air conditioners nowadays is also very easy for anyone to do at any time. For those of you who prefer to give this electronic device through an offline store, it’s not a problem.

But for those of you who prefer to buy from online stores, of course, this makes it easier. You don’t need to worry that later the specifications of buying from an online store are different from buying at an offline store. The price is also not much different.

Mitsutta Japan Air Cooler Original Saves Energy with Big Tank

Specifications of Mitsuta Japan Air Cooler Original

In 2023, many products from Japan will be the best and most popular choices for Indonesian people. One of these cooling fans from Japan is also the best recommendation for those of you who are currently looking for the best quality air conditioner.

There are many things to do before buying an air conditioner. Some of them are tips so that later the air conditioner purchased will suit your needs.

But overall the Indonesian people will be very interested in products that are cheap. For those of you who want to know the specifications and advantages of this air conditioner product from Japan, lets check out the full article below.

The Mitsuta Japan air cooler original is a practical solution to enjoy cool and clean air wherever you are. Moreover, this product can be used easily by simply filling up the water and then connecting it to a standard socket or USB port.

After that, you can enjoy fresh air for 8 hours after each charging. This cooling fan is also designed to be quiet and there is a very relaxing night light.

Product Size

This air conditioner is also suitable for use at night to create a good night’s sleep. The weight is also very light and safe to travel with. But the most important advantage is using this Japanese product is energy saving.

The size of the Mitsuta Japan air cooler original is small but it is able to cool the surrounding air properly and maximally. The material used to manufacture this cooling fan is a shell of high-quality ABS plus PC plastic and good heat dissipation.

It has dimensions of 18.5 * 17.5 * 17.5 cm and a power of 10 watts. Then for the cooling power, it reaches 50 Watts. The tank capacity of this Japanese product is 750 milliliters with a noise level of around 60 DB.

This Mitsuta Japan air cooler original is also equipped with an air filter and mist to keep the air clean and fresh. For prices ranging from 175000 to 260 thousand only.