Princess Smart Air Cooler products, are a suitable choice for those of you struggling when working from home during the day. Especially in the scorching summer heat or daily hot and unpleasant weather that makes you uncomfortable and always feel hot.

This fan will help you solve these problems easily. Its use will keep you comfortable and more comfortable to do various home or indoor activities.

Princess Smart Air Cooler with Various Superior Technologies

Princess Smart Air Cooler Fan

This cooling fan is one of the smart cooling products from the Netherlands. This product is an evaporative cooler that utilizes water as the basis for cooling the air.

Operate it, you can also control it via your smartphone or electronic device. Not only is it much more efficient than air conditioning, but it is also far superior to an air conditioner.

This tool will consume power with a magnitude of up to 70W only in each operation. So, it is suitable for those of you who want to save electrical energy in your daily use.

Technology and Control Systems

In terms of design and materials used, this product has lightweight, portable, and compact specifications. This makes it easy for you to move or lift.

The operating system features a number of technologies that allow you to control it via an app on your phone and an available remote. Unfortunately, this product comes with a short data cable, which is one of its drawbacks.

Basic Design and Materials

The Princess Smart Air Cooler comes as a white column-shaped fan with vents on some of the fronts of its body, which allows it to circulate a lot of air.

The dimensions of the size are quite small, which is 22cm x 27 cm with a height of 75cm. height. The weight and dimensions of this tool make it a smart fan product that is compact and does not take up much space.

An additional handle on the side makes it easier for users to move or lift. However, remember that the tank will open after setting, you should always be careful not to splash water.

Operation Steps

To use it you can start by turning on the setting cooler and adjust the temperature as you wish. This tool will be very useful when summer comes.

At the top of the front, there is a control panel with a touchscreen system and digital display. Through the control panel, you can turn the fan on and off, set the timer, change the fan speed mode, and activate the cool mode.

For easy setup, there is also a remote control that complements its presence. You can even use the settings app on your phone to perform various commands on this smart fan.

The use of Princess Smart Air Cooler is perfect for those who need a cooling fan with a complete system and technology, while still saving electrical energy.