Midea Air Cooler AC100 A is a flexible air conditioning product that can humidify the air so that it provides a comfortable feeling. Rather than air conditioners, air cooler products are more environmentally friendly. Then the air cooler is also able to produce cooler air than the fan.

Air coolers are perfect for areas that have high temperatures and feel hot. Because with it, a room will become cooler, cooler, and more comfortable. We can install air coolers in various places such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, meeting halls, and various other places.

The air cooler itself works by spraying water particles that come from the evaporation process in the tank. So every air cooler has a tank that can be refilled when the water runs out. This makes this electronic device quite different from other air conditioners such as air conditioners and fans.

Midea Air Cooler AC100 A, Effectively Moisturize and Keep Air Clean

Midea Air Cooler AC100 A, Equipped with HEPA Filter

An air cooler can be the right choice to make the air in the house cooler. But in choosing it you should not be careless but must choose a product that is clearly quality. So that the air cooler is able to work well to cool the air and can last a long time.

Now there are also many air cooler products from various brands that you can choose from. Of the many products, this time we will discuss the AC100 A product from Midea. AC100 A is an air cooler that is able to cool the room while maintaining the cleanliness of the surrounding air.

This is because Midea Air Cooler AC100 A has a HEPA Filter feature which is a filter. With this feature, the air produced by the air cooler will be cleaner. So that the air you breathe also becomes more quality and certainly safer for the health of the body.

In addition, this air cooler also has other functions, namely as a humidifier and also an air purifier. This means that with this air cooler, the air humidity in the room becomes more awake. As a result, we can avoid various complaints such as dry lips, dehydration a sore throat.

Air Cooler AC100 A also still has various other excellent features. For example, there is a remote control feature, offering three-speed options and also a timer. This makes this product more sophisticated, attractive, and certainly worthy of our own.

You can consider Midea Air Cooler AC100 A to cool the air at home. The price is also quite affordable and in accordance with the quality.