Sharp PJ-A26MY-B is not just an enhancer of air coolness at home. This cooling fan is also effective in cleaning the air. When the indoor air is cool, fresh, and healthy, the family becomes more comfortable and happy at home.

Sharp PJ-A26MY-B Eliminates Hot Air in An Instant

Take a Peek at the Specifications and Features of Sharp PJ-A26MY-B

The use of cooling fans is considered safer. This is because of how it works without chemicals called refrigerants.

In addition to being cheap, it will not be difficult to move the fan. You can take it anywhere as needed.

This is why people began to glance at the existence of this air conditioning fan. If you’re interested in owning one, Sharp has the best recommendations.

The PJ-A26MY-B series is its best product. Products are loved by the public not because they sell brand names. However, it has excellent features that you can’t find on other cooling fans.

Got 4 Ice Pack Units

Making cool indoor air in a short time is not difficult for Sharp PJ-A26MY-B. This is thanks to the twice cooling feature in the form of 4 ice pack units in it.

The existence of swing loafer technology makes the performance cooler in maximizing wind gusts. In addition, indoor air circulation becomes more evenly distributed horizontally.

Tank Capacity 6 Liters

It’s not wrong to use this Sharp cooling fan for daily needs. Comes with a 6-liter tank capacity so you don’t need to go back and forth to fill the tank. So it is quite durable.

Working with 65 watts of power, Sharp PJ-A26MY-B uses ice water to make room air really cooler. The use of this cooling fan is not as cold as the air conditioner, but it is cooler than the fan. This cooling fan can reduce the room temperature by 3 °C to 5°C.

Use Indonesian Button

Comes with a Mechanical Button system, users simply press the button to make the fan work. All the buttons are presented in Indonesian, so you won’t have any trouble operating them.

Product Design

Turning on the body, this Sharp series PJ-A26MY-B has a stylish look. Comes in solid black color making the room seem luxurious. With electrical power that is not too large, which is 65 watts, making it suitable for household use.

The weight of the fan is about 21 kg. The dimensions of the product are 375 mm x 306 mm x 745 mm.

While the speed level there are 4 options. You can set the ON/OFF time on the option 1 hour – 2 hours – 3 hours, up to a maximum of 15 hours.

Features of Removable Water Evaporator

This feature is a water tank that is easily released on the Sharp PJ-A26MY-B cooling fan. The product also has a large lever and wheel making it easier to move the product.

Easy Maintenance

Everything is well maintained, then the performance is also good. Likewise with PJ-A26MY-B. Maintenance is simple.

Simply remove all existing filters and then wash them thoroughly. So, there is no need to call a service that will make you spend a budget.

Now, the hot air will disappear forever thanks to the Sharp PJ-A26MY-B. Priced at a low price, around Rp 989,000, anyone can have it.