Symphony Storm 70XL is a cooling fan product as well as an air cooler or more precisely an air cooler. Indonesia does have two seasons, namely rainy and hot. Now, when summer is in progress, of course, everyone needs products that can provide optimal cool air.

Likewise with the dry season which may require air conditioning. For this type of air conditioner which is quite popular is the cooling fan. A cooling fan or often referred to as an air cooler is a must-have home appliance. Most people prefer to use and buy this type of air conditioner.

This is certainly not without reason. Because besides being simpler and multifunctional, the price is also cheap. On the other hand, when you use AC, you may have to spend a lot of money to pay for the electricity bill. Besides being expensive, AC also has very detailed maintenance steps.

Symphony Storm 70XL Multipurpose Fan Can As Air Conditioner

Symphony Storm 70XL Air Conditioner with Quality You Can Count On

Surely you are already familiar with the Symphony brand, which is one of the leading electronics manufacturers. One of its products which is quite global is the Symphony Ai Cooling Storm 70XL.

Yes, Symphony’s flagship product is an air conditioner that has two functions. The first function is as a fan. Meanwhile, another function is air conditioning. So, your users don’t need to buy their own AC.

This is because you can use the Symphony Storm 70XL in two modes. For that, you can save on budget and of course space. There are many advantages that you will get when using Storm 79XL. Here are some of them.

  • Appear with a beautiful design

Your room will definitely be more beautiful when you use this Symphony AC. This is because the Strom 70XL type carries a beautiful and charming body appearance. So, the room in the house is more beautiful and looks not monotonous. Gathering with family also feels more comfortable.

  • Easy for you to Move

The size and weight of this cooling fan are also not too heavy and long. Therefore, it is easy for you to carry and move according to the place you want to choose. Can be in the room even in the living room or family.

  • Strong Assembled Components

If we look at the components, the Symphony fans and air conditioners are well-made. This means that the component assembly will be durable and not easily separated even if you use it continuously. Thus, the use of this fan is more durable and long-lasting. For that, you don’t need to replace it with a new one back and forth.

Symphony Storm 70X Superior Specifications

Symphony Storm 70X offers superior specifications with an elegant design. Advanced features include a 70-liter water tank capacity, high fan speed, effective air filter, remote control, and energy-saving mode.

In addition, it is also equipped with water filtration and deodorizing technology to provide fresh and clean air. The Symphony Storm 70X is the best choice for dealing with hot weather with comfort and efficiency.

Meanwhile, the electric power consumption is 205W with a weight of 14.9 kg. This fan is made of plastic. Symphony Storm 70XL is a versatile fan that you can also use as an air conditioner.