– In this modern era, comfort is key, especially in hot and humid summers. Today, we have a comfortable and efficient solution to combat that heat: the Midea 1 PK Portable AC. With its portable design, powerful cooling capabilities, and advanced features, this air conditioner is a popular choice for many homes and offices. Let’s explore in more depth the specifications, advantages and features that make the Midea 1 PK Portable AC so attractive.

Midea 1 PK

Midea 1 PK Portable AC Technical Specifications:

Cooling Capacity: 1 PK (1 Horsepower). This shows the cooling ability of the AC to remove room heat as measured in horsepower (PK).
Electrical Power: Usually ranges from 1000 to 1200 watts. The electrical power required by an AC is important for understanding energy usage and estimating operational costs.

Physical Dimensions: The physical dimensions of the Midea 1 PK Portable AC can vary, but generally it has a height of around 75 cm and a width of around 40 cm. These dimensions can give you an idea of how big the unit will be in a room.

Weight: The weight of the Midea 1 PK Portable AC is usually quite light, making it easy to transport and reposition. The weight can range from 20 to 30 kilograms, depending on the specific model.

Water Capacity: These air conditioners usually have a certain water capacity to accommodate the condensation that forms during the cooling process. This water capacity is usually stated in the technical specifications.

Air Duct Dimensions: The length and diameter of the air ducts used to direct cool air into the room are also important technical specifications to consider.

Operating Temperature Range: The temperature range where the Midea 1 PK Portable AC can operate optimally. This temperature range may include recommended minimum and maximum temperatures.

Noise Level: The Midea 1 PK Portable AC usually has a certain noise level when operating. This can be an important factor, especially if the AC is used in a room that requires a quiet environment.

Advantages of the Midea 1 PK Portable AC:

One of the main advantages of the Midea 1 PK Portable AC is its ability to provide fast and effective cooling in any room. Equipped with advanced cooling technology, this AC is able to reduce room temperature quickly and maintain comfort for hours.


The Midea 1 PK Portable AC is designed with portability as the main focus. With rotating wheels and a sturdy handle, users can easily move this AC unit from one place to another without difficulty. This makes it an ideal choice for rooms that require fast and easily accessible cooling.

Design and Aesthetics:

The modern design and attractive aesthetics make the Midea 1 PK Portable AC suitable for various room decorations. With neutral colors and an elegant shape, this AC can complement the style of any room without disrupting the overall look.

Ease of Installation and Use:

The Midea 1 PK Portable AC is very easy to install and use. No complicated installation required, just connect the unit to a power source and start enjoying refreshing cooling. Intuitive controls allow users to easily adjust temperature and fan speed to suit their needs.

Energy efficiency:

With a good energy label, the Midea 1 PK Portable AC is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient choice. Even though it provides powerful cooling, this AC is still energy efficient, which helps reduce monthly electricity bills.

Additional features:

Apart from superior cooling capabilities, the Midea 1 PK Portable AC is also equipped with various additional features, such as sleep mode for comfort at night, an automatic timer to set operating time, and adjustable fan speed settings.

Customer Reviews:

Midea 1 PK Portable AC users leave positive reviews, and many of them highlight its excellent performance, ease of use, and great portability. They also appreciate its attractive design and high energy efficiency.

Care and Maintenance:

To maintain optimal performance, the Portable AC requires minimal maintenance. Clean the filter regularly and make sure the air vents are not blocked to ensure smooth air flow and good air quality.


With a combination of portability, reliable performance and advanced features, Providing fast and effective cooling, this air conditioner provides unmatched comfort in hot and humid summers.