In the modern era where concern for the environment and energy efficiency are priorities, the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler is presented as an innovative and environmentally friendly Air Cooling Solutions. With advanced technology and elegant design, this product offers optimal temperature comfort while minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact.

Air Cooling Solutions

Minimalist and Elegant Design

The SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler has a modern and minimalist appearance, suitable to be placed in any room. With its clean white color and smooth lines, this product is not only functional but also an attractive decorative element. Its compact size allows for flexible placement, whether in the home, office or other commercial space.

Energy Saving Air Conditioning Technology

One of the main advantages of the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler is its ability to save energy. This product uses air conditioning technology that is different from conventional AC, namely by relying on the natural water evaporation process to reduce room temperature. This system is much more energy efficient than the compressor system used in traditional air conditioners.

SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler Specifications

Cooling Capacity

  • Capable of cooling rooms up to 60 m²

Power Consumption

  • Only 65 watts in normal mode
  • Low power consumption for energy efficiency

Water tank

  • Water tank capacity 7 liters
  • Equipped with water level indicator

Fan Speed

  • 3 fan speed settings (low, medium, high)

Additional Features

  • Sleep mode for quieter nighttime cooling
  • Washable air filter to maintain air quality
  • Wheels for easy movement


  • Height: 93 cm</li>
  • Wid
  • th: 43 cm
  • Depth: 34 cm


  • 11,5 kg

Advantages of the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler

1. Energy Saving

As previously mentioned, the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler is very energy efficient. Power consumption is only 65 watts in normal mode, much lower than conventional AC which can consume hundreds of watts. This means significant savings in electricity costs in the long term.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Apart from saving energy, the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler is also environmentally friendly. There are no dangerous refrigerants such as freon which can damage the ozone layer. The natural cooling process through water evaporation also does not leave a large carbon footprint.

3. Low Operational Costs

With low power consumption and no need for special maintenance such as refilling freon, the operating costs of the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler are much cheaper than conventional ACs.

4. Easy to Operate

Operating the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler is very easy. You just need to fill the water tank, turn on the unit, and adjust the fan speed as needed. The intuitive control panel makes it easy to navigate the available features.

5. Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler is also quite simple. A washable air filter ensures fresh air quality, while an easily accessible water tank makes refilling easy.

6. Application and Use of the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler

The SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler is suitable for use in various environments, whether at home, offices, retail stores, or other public facilities.

Here are some examples of these products:

1. Household

At home, the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler can provide optimal temperature comfort without consuming a lot of energy. This product is very suitable for use in the family room, bedroom or work space.

2. Office

For office environments, the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly air conditioning solution. This product can help maintain employee productivity by providing a comfortable room temperature.

3. Retail Stores

In retail stores, the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler can be used to create a pleasant environment for visitors. A comfortable temperature can increase shopping comfort and extend the time spent in the store.

4. Public Facilities

The SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler can also be used in public facilities such as libraries, community centers or waiting rooms. With low energy consumption, this product is the right choice for use in places that require air conditioning with affordable operating costs.

Modern and Elegant Design

The minimalist and elegant appearance of the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler makes it an attractive choice for those who want an air cooler with a design that suits modern interior styles.

Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality As a product from SHARP, a well-known brand in the electronics industry, the SHARP PJ-A77TY-B Air Cooler offers trusted quality and reliability.