Impex Air Cooler Freezo 22 is the ideal choice to create cool and comfortable air in your room. With an elegant and compact design, this air cooler is easy to place in various rooms. Its efficient performance and low energy performance make it an economical cooling solution.

Air Cooler Freezo 22 Cooling Quality For Your Home

Impex Air Cooler Freezo 22 Freshens Air with High Efficiency

Fresh and cool air is essential to creating a comfortable environment indoors, especially during hot and humid summers. Impex, one of the leading brands in air conditioning equipment, has presented the Air Cooler Freezo. A device designed to provide coolness and comfort for its users.


  • Elegant and functional design

The Impex Air Cooler has an elegant and sleek design that fits a variety of room types. With compact dimensions, this device can easily be placed in a corner of a room without taking up much space.

  • Efficient cooling capacity

In addition, this air cooler is powered by a high-quality engine, so the Freezo 22 Air Cooler is able to provide effective cooling quickly. With a cooling capacity of up to 22 liters, this air cooler is suitable for medium to large-sized rooms.

  • Efficient energy performance

The Freezo 22 Air Cooler is complete with an energy-efficient electric motor. Thus, users can enjoy cool air without having to worry about high electricity costs.

  • Speed setting function

In addition, this air cooler is complete with speed control that you can adjust. So that users can easily adjust the fan speed level according to their preferences.

  • Dual cooling and air refreshing function

Apart from providing cooling, the Impex Air Cooler Freezo 22 is also complete with a filter that can remove dust particles and reduce air humidity. It helps create clean, fresh, and healthy air in the room.

  • Optimal user comfort

This air cooler is also equipped with features that are specifically designed to increase user comfort. This includes a remote control, an intuitive LED screen, and a self-timer that users can set according to their needs.

  • Easy portability

In addition, with wheels attached to the bottom. Thus, this Impex Air Cooler can be easily moved from one room to another without difficulty.

Featured Features

Air Cooler Freezo 22 is armed with an ionizer function that produces negative ions to improve indoor air quality.┬áThis helps reduce air pollution, bad odors and helps improve the user’s health.


The price of the Freezo 22 Air Cooler ranges from around 1,500,000 to 1,800,000 Rupiah, depending on the place and seller. While these prices may vary, these devices offer good value for your money with a combination of excellent features, energy efficiency, and sufficient cooling quality. Before buying, it is advisable to compare prices across several stores or online platforms to get the best deal.

With a cooling capacity of 22 liters, this device is suitable for medium to large rooms. Features such as adjustable speed control, an ionizer function for fresher air and a dual refresh function make it a very useful option in hot weather. Impex Air Cooler Freezo 22 provides optimal user comfort and satisfaction.